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All our products are designed to be functional, yet pleasing to our senses and to last for generations.

The Copenhagen Tray

The gourmet style of dining

Contemporary take on a traditional wooden serving tray. Natural shape that is easy to pick up and carry, and pleasant to touch. The tray is perfectly universal, ideal for serving your afternoon tea or after dinner cheese.

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The Bermuda Serving Tray

Designed to withstands and retains low and high temperatures

The Bermuda serving tray is our innovative serving board made of triangular wooden base and a round temperature-retaining natural stone top.

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Sub-Zero Cutting Board

The fine-dining companion for any dinner arrangement

Sub-Zero cutting board is a beautifully shaped serving board made of natural high-quality Oak or Acacia wood combined with stone top made of granite stone.

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Premium Danish pots & pans for culinary creators

When you immerse yourself in the art of cooking the good cookware becomes somehow invisible, yet it remains an essential tool of culinary creation.

All OM-HU pots and pans are designed to fulfill your cooking needs by being functional in every detail. At Mozow,  we design better kitchen tools because we want you to become a better cook and to bring joy to your kitchen.

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OM-HU Mozow Danish Cookware

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