30 years of combined experience & expertise


Danish furniture designer and manufacturer

Over 30 years of furniture experience & expertise

MOZOW is a Danish furniture designer and manufacturer producing a cutting edge, modern, sleek furniture, kitchenware and home decoration products characterized by their enduring style, durable functionality, and sustainable materials of the highest quality.

Our affiliated design and production company can also tailor products to your own specific needs.

Our History and Philosophy

More Than Meets the Eye

Functionality and durability of Danish design

“My father and my granddad were my mentors. They taught me that ‘real style’ is timeless, never going out of fashion, and that ‘real quality’ means that it’s an heirloom, not simply something that lasts as long as its warranty.”

— Karl Ronhove, The founder and CEO of MOZOW

At MOZOW we believe that design matters, but not when it compromises ergonomics, comfort, and proxemics. Therefore all our products are carefully engineered and crafted to meet functional and durability standards while remaining aesthetically pleasing. To build a perfect product takes years, but it’s worthy as our customers love our products.

All Mozow furniture pieces were designed and fabricated to support the many ways people sit and rest, work and play, organize or display items, or partition space. Aesthetics is another crucial aspect of furniture making for us which means that our products will always fit well into your home.

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